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Monday, May 30, 2005


I took the title of this post from the title of Common's hip-hop masterpiece...If you don't have a copy of it...GET IT!!! If you don't like a few cuss words, get the Wal-Mart version....But I have to give props when a brother is making positive music that makes you THINK and it isn't filled with mindless, repetitive drivel (see the majority of the Billboard Top 20). During a discussion with some of my peers, someone claimed that Common was "too preachy"...That person obviously has NEVER listened to the brother with any real level of understanding what he's saying. His music simply reflects his inner soul, as opposed to some formula. I guess Marvin Gaye, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Billie Holiday, Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, Queen Latifah, and many singers and entertainers from the 60s & 70s were too "preachy"....Who does Common think he is? How dare he invite you to think and re-evaluate some things? Oh wait, that would make it true art and not just entertainment. MY BAD.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Turn Off The Radio

People often ask me why I don't listen to the radio. Well, those that know me understand that in many ways I'm a musical snob. I'm not really into commercial, and mainstream "music". There is a lot of bovine fecal matter that passes as "music" nowadays and I don't tolerate it. I was on a message board and someone called R. Kelly a musical genius.....Hmmm. What in the blue hell has the world come to when someone with song titles like "You Remind Me Of My Jeep" and "Half On A Baby" is considered a genius? Nothing is left to the imagination anymore...With eMpTyV and Booty Entertainment Television supplying people with enough imagery to create a prison full of sexual deviants and drug dealers, we have a problem. The TELL-LIE-VISION is allowing young people to see the crap that goes with the feces they're listening to....Call me a snob, but damn it...The radio is only good for the talk stations, and that's usually to listen to what some wacked out-pain killer popping-corporate -puppet-sexually deviant-rightwing-talk show host is talking about....Yeah I said it. And what?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Is El Presidente El Stupido???

The Mexican president (FOX) who happens to be real good buddies with GW made the comment that Mexican immigrants do the work that "not even Blacks" would do. Hmmmm What is really goin' on here? The disrespect of African-Americans is truly worldwide. One spin on it could be that Fox believes that African-Americans are generally hard workers, but the immigrants work even harder because they do what the workhorses won't...Who knows where it came from? Apparently in Mexico, a popular phrase is "working like a negro" to emphasize hard work. How different is that from a redneck country singer like David Alan Coe singin' "Worked me like a nigger for my room & board"? Just wondering.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Traitors' Memorial Day

Well we are again....In North & South Carolina May10 is Confederate Memorial Day....A day set aside for the traitors that turned their backs on this country in the name of "states' rights".Excuse me for thinking that honoring such traitors is stupid and hypocritical. In South Carolina, the only way that the state legislature would acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday was to have a "Confederate Memorial Day"...The good ole south....I know people that romanticize the "good" southerners and try to rationalize with the stale "it wasn't about slavery" argument...If you believe that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War, then you must also believe that Ronald Reagan never dyed his hair....I own a copy of the "Ordinance Of Secession" and among the grievances that was stated by S.C. was the issue of SLAVERY....I'm going to work on Confederate Memorial Day....I'll make a special trip to John C. Calhoun's statue (he was a huge proponent of slavery and for "states' rights"...not a coincidence) and shoot him the bird....Hey, it could be worse.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Women Hate Each Other

Yup...I said it. In my last 3 lifetimes on this planet, I've noticed something about human interaction...Women can't stand each other. It's not even like when you get more than one alpha male in the room (at least they can try to out-talk each other or brag and to the untrained eye, it appears to be "bonding")...Women truly cannot stand to be in the company of other women. Women tend to compare themselves to other women (as if there is a competition). I think young girls attend a secret class that teaches them to outsmart guys (although they're genetically set-up to do it naturally) and to hate each other. Girls are socialized to hate that little "b**ch" that tore up their little dress in a catfight...Boys get into a blood & guts tussle and are buddies the next week....Girls & women tend to dislike other women just because...Men are usually a tad more concrete as to why they dislike someone....Just watch boys fight...then watch girls fight....Boys aim...and go after a target...girls swing wildly just hoping to land something...Isn't it interesting how the roles reverse after puberty? When a smart woman is pissed off...LOOK OUT...She's a sharpshooter....Think about THAT.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Darth Vader Is A Brotha...

...Come on y'all....You KNOW it's true...A nice little white kid turns into a white guy with an edge...Get's thrown into a pit of fire...develops respiratory problems...Then comes back sounding like James Earl Jones under a helmet..The first member of the Jedi council that Anakin murders is a Black man (Sam Jackson)...See...Black on Black crime (although Anakin was still white when he did it)..I'm not going to get too deep but WHY Darth GOTTA wear BLACK??? Why Darth got James Earl Jones' voice? I'm just sayin'....As soon as Darth decided to come back to the "good" side of the force they made sure to take off his helmet to let everybody know he was a dude that looked like Uncle Fester on crack....LOL....Am I off center here?