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Monday, May 09, 2005

Traitors' Memorial Day

Well we are again....In North & South Carolina May10 is Confederate Memorial Day....A day set aside for the traitors that turned their backs on this country in the name of "states' rights".Excuse me for thinking that honoring such traitors is stupid and hypocritical. In South Carolina, the only way that the state legislature would acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday was to have a "Confederate Memorial Day"...The good ole south....I know people that romanticize the "good" southerners and try to rationalize with the stale "it wasn't about slavery" argument...If you believe that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War, then you must also believe that Ronald Reagan never dyed his hair....I own a copy of the "Ordinance Of Secession" and among the grievances that was stated by S.C. was the issue of SLAVERY....I'm going to work on Confederate Memorial Day....I'll make a special trip to John C. Calhoun's statue (he was a huge proponent of slavery and for "states' rights"...not a coincidence) and shoot him the bird....Hey, it could be worse.


Blogger Jackson said...

Man, it's unbelievalbe how different our worlds are, and we live in the same country! Confederate Day? Do they have 'Third Reich Day' in Germany? Might as well have a 'Get To Work Boy! Day', or a "I Sold Your Mamma Day'......

3:07 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Ah, the beauty of living in a free society. Come on, Robert. Pluralism is part of the American landscape. Do you think it's the government's responsiblity to represent EVERY part of it's constituency? I'm really asking. I have not thought it through yet. Hmmm.

9:25 AM  
Blogger all_alone said...

yeah i think that they should, but anyway ther r more important things that ica nthin kof that they should be doing like painting the pathways for our younger generation. our kids r our future, what does the furture holds for them? selling drugs? r maybe is it being housed in prison for killing? what do u think? i belive the government shoudl consider that since they r getting our money for taxes every pay period.

7:58 PM  

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