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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Darth Vader Is A Brotha...

...Come on y'all....You KNOW it's true...A nice little white kid turns into a white guy with an edge...Get's thrown into a pit of fire...develops respiratory problems...Then comes back sounding like James Earl Jones under a helmet..The first member of the Jedi council that Anakin murders is a Black man (Sam Jackson)...See...Black on Black crime (although Anakin was still white when he did it)..I'm not going to get too deep but WHY Darth GOTTA wear BLACK??? Why Darth got James Earl Jones' voice? I'm just sayin'....As soon as Darth decided to come back to the "good" side of the force they made sure to take off his helmet to let everybody know he was a dude that looked like Uncle Fester on crack....LOL....Am I off center here?