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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Turn Off The Radio

People often ask me why I don't listen to the radio. Well, those that know me understand that in many ways I'm a musical snob. I'm not really into commercial, and mainstream "music". There is a lot of bovine fecal matter that passes as "music" nowadays and I don't tolerate it. I was on a message board and someone called R. Kelly a musical genius.....Hmmm. What in the blue hell has the world come to when someone with song titles like "You Remind Me Of My Jeep" and "Half On A Baby" is considered a genius? Nothing is left to the imagination anymore...With eMpTyV and Booty Entertainment Television supplying people with enough imagery to create a prison full of sexual deviants and drug dealers, we have a problem. The TELL-LIE-VISION is allowing young people to see the crap that goes with the feces they're listening to....Call me a snob, but damn it...The radio is only good for the talk stations, and that's usually to listen to what some wacked out-pain killer popping-corporate -puppet-sexually deviant-rightwing-talk show host is talking about....Yeah I said it. And what?


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