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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why Do We Romanticize Ignorance?

I have an associate that believes that Tupac was the greatest MC of all-time. I definitely know better. The greatest MC of all-time is debatable...but Pac isn't even in my top 20. He exuded emotion and fury...But let's tell the truth. The man became a member of the musical Matrix. He escalated a simple lyrical feud into a violent one with his words. If you don't believe me, listen to "Hit Em Up". It was the first time that a rapper threatened to SHOOT & KILL someone. What's the difference between Pac and that other guy 2 quarters? Not much....Lots of shirt...Although Pac had much more substance... Pac had gone from being conscious to a "THUG". He actually had the NEGRO PLEASE quote of the 20th Century when he said that the word "Nigga" was an acronym for "Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished"....Hmmm...Y'all think about that one. I'm not "hatin" on Pac...but he gave birth to many lil' thugs....All using his image as a blueprint.....My Top 20 MCs/Groups Of All-Time in no particular order.......

1. Chuck D. (Public Enemy)
2. Slick Rick
3. Kool G. Rap
4. Big Daddy Kane
5. Melle Mel
6. Black Thought (The Roots)
7. LL Cool J
8. Kool Moe Dee
10. Run DMC
11. DeLa Soul
12. Ice Cube
13. Common
14. Kurtis Blow
15. MC Lyte
16. Rakim
17. Nas
18. Scarface
19. Tribe Called Quest
20. X-Clan


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